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The Clio Dental Sensors are nearly Half the Cost of of Major Competitors.

Why choose Clio Dental Sensors?

Direct Interface Technology

Clio Sensors are the first on the market to offer Direct Interface (DI) Technology. This allows the Clio Sensor to be directly integrated inside of the Dexis, Eaglesoft Imaging & ViwWin, with out the need for a TWAIN driver or 3rd party bridge.

Currently, if offices use software such as Dexis or Eaglesoft, only proprietary sensors can be purchased to utilize the full capabilities of each software. If a dentist chooses to purchase another company’s sensors, integration would only work with 3rd party bridges or a twain driver.

Such bridges complicate diagnosis procedures, increase staff training and disables auto-acquisition on some software. They also require you to unplug other sensors and/or switch the acquisition device, while diminishing image quality.

With DI technology, you can now use the Clio sensors just like your existing hardware with superior image quality at a better value.

Available for Dexis 9 & 10, Eaglesoft, Vixwin Platinum, Apteryx, and many others. Call 800-869-0915 for more details.

Clio Dental Sensors with DI Technology
Clio Sensor vs Dexis Sensor
Clio Dental Sensors

Nearly Half the Cost!

At nearly Half the Cost of the Major competitors like Dexis, Schick and Gendex. How can you go wrong?

Clio Dental Sensors that will produce crystal clear x-rays, similar quality to that of our competitors.

Crystal Clear X-Ray Resolution

The Clio Dental Sensors offer industry leading spatial resolution at a theoretical 26.3 line pair/mm and 20 line pair/mm actual.

With resolution quality like this you can even see the tip of a #6 file!

Clio Dental Sensors provided one of the cleanest and clearest images on the market!

Clio Dental Sensor Sample X-Ray

Patient Comfort

With the Clio Dental Sensors rounded corners at a curvature of 6mm, the dental sensor is anatomically matched to contour the patients mouth.

The broader contact zones of the sensor reduces pressure for increased patient comfort.

Clio Dental Sensors come in two sizes: Size #1 Pedo Sensor & Size #2 Adult Sensor. You can be assured the Clio Sensors will accommodate any size mouth.

The Clio Sensor is one of the thinnest sensors on the market which is tapers to 5.5mm

Is your Dental Sensor Waterproof?

What happens if the sensor barrier tears? The Clio Sensor is 100% Waterproof. The Clio sensor has been hermetically sealed to protect against fluids and contaminants. If needed just simply run the sensor under the faucet to clean.

Clio Dental Sensors are Waterproof
The Clio Sensor has only 4 wires

This Sensor is Built to Last

The Clio Sensor has a Kevlar-Reinforced Cable with surprising tensile strength at the cord/sensor junction.

With only 4 wires on the inside of the sensor, this allows for a sturdier cord with greater protection against any cord issues.

The Clio is also one of the few sensors on the market that has a cord replacement. Which is a great alternative to replacing the entire sensor.

With the 100% USB Cord there is less things to go wrong when the only connections points are between the sensor and the computer...No "Digital Boxes".

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

That is Right! I'm putting my money where my mouth is and offering you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

I am so convinced that you will love our sensors. Therefore, i am offering you a conditional Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply let me know within 30 days and I'll refund your money.

Clio 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

*For more details on the 30 day money back guarantee please view our Refund Policy

Clio 2 Year Warranty & 5 Year Replacement Plan

2 Year Warranty & 5 Year Replacement Plan

Clio Digital Sensors include a standard two-year limited warranty covering manufacturer’s defects.

Clio is pleased to offer a pro-rated hardware replacement plan for damaged or malfunctioning hardware not covered under the limited 24-month warranty.

Just A Few of Our Features...

  • Nearly Half the Cost!

    At nearly Half the Cost you can be assured our price will be lower then any of our major competitors like Dexis, Schick and Gendex.

  • Direct Interface Technology

    Clio Sensors with DI Technology now enables the Clio Sensor to work directly
    with the major imaging softwares like Dexis, Eaglesoft Imaging, & VixWin.

  • No More TWAIN

    Capture x-rays WITHOUT TWAIN or 3rd party bridge.

  • Keep your Existing Settings

    With the Clio Sensor you don’t need to change up your work flow to get the sensor to work with your imaging system.

    Use the full capabilities of your existing software, including auto-acquisition.

Designed to work with...

Clio Dental Sensors work with your imaging system

Clio Sensors work with your imaging system

and many more! Call for Details.

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